Through the centuries, the works of "Mother Goose" have stood the test of time.  As a prolific writer, her rhymes, stories, riddles and fables have filled many a book.


No one can really explain the popularity of these nonsensical musings, but mothers still love to read them to their intrigued and comforted babies.  


Even Walt Disney fashioned feature animations from the stories of Mother Goose.  Her original Snowdrop and the Seven Little Dwarfs was the basis for the much beloved classic Snow White.


Considering the eternal popularity of Mother Goose, we decided to make many of her works available.  Plus, we have created Coloring Pages,  Mazes and other fun activities based on her offerings.


We hope you enjoy browsing through our site today and will return again soon.


Hear What Ma'am Goose Says!


My dear little Blossoms, there are now in this world, and always

will be, a great many grannies beside myself, both in petticoats and

pantaloons, some a deal younger, to be sure, but all monstrous wise

and of my own family name.  These old women, who never had chick

or child of their own, but who always know how to bring up other

people's children, will tell you with long faces that my enchanting,

quieting, soothing volume, my all-sufficient anodyne for cross,

peevish, won't be-comforted little bairns, ought be laid aside for

more learned books, such as they could select and publish.  Fudge!  I

tell you that all their batterings can't deface my beauties, nor their

wise pratings equal my wiser prattlings; and all imitators of my

refreshing songs might as well write another Bill Shakespeare as

another Mother Goose--we two great poets were born together, and

shall go out of the world together.


No, no, my melodies will never die,

While nurses sing, or babies cry.


From " The Only True Mother Goose Melodies," Published by Munroe & Francis, Boston, 1833







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